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[#211884] Written by: BoonesFerry [17/03/14, 00:12]
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[#211888] Written by: wolvie38 [17/03/14, 01:39]
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i'll check it out... most of gillian's work is pretty damn good!
[#211897] Written by: Ferozban [17/03/14, 08:51]
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i am reading the description..and it makes les sense the more i read it.

soo this show is a teen show about school life of kids of people in leading positions?
and these teeens affect the fate of the entire nation...

i'd rather watch star crossed..its just as pretentious and unrealistic
[#211902] Written by: quasipseudopizza0id [17/03/14, 15:25]
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toy soldiers on a bus? samwise gamgee will save the day!
[#211929] Written by: ockraz [17/03/14, 23:26]
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the first half is pretty bad. it's not awful. it's just so formulaic that it's completely
uninteresting. i watch tv on my computer and usually keep something running in the background.
whether or not i check on the progress of things during a show is an easy way for me to measure how
engaging it is. i think that i checked five times during the first 25 minutes. that's worse than
news and talk shows do, and they lack a continuing storyline.

dermot mulroney, who recently played the successful dreamboat boyfriend on new girl, stars as a
nebbishy divorced father chaperoning his daughters' high school class trip. his character becomes
the focus at the halfway point, and it's much more interesting when he's onscreen without his
petulant estranged daughter, played by stevie lynn jones. the teenagers alternate between being
extremely predictable and annoying, so i hope the show doesn't spend too much time on them. i don't
fault the young actors for this. the fault belongs to the writers. the always excellent gillian
anderson (the x-files, hannibal) and max martini (the unit) are also featured, but the pilot's
script doesn't give them anything interesting to do. near the end there's a flashback featuring mark
valley (boston legal, human target) which reveals a plot twist which i'm eager to learn more about.
the second half has three plot twists, which is probably a bit much, but still welcome after a
totally boring first half.

i'm a bit disappointed, but hopeful for the series as it progresses.

[addendum] there's one really off note that is entirely a matter of casting. jones' character has a
crush who is depicted as only having eyes for amber fitch. amber is the most popular girl in school
and the daughter of corporate titan, meg fitch. the dunderhead teenage boy who overlooks the great
girl who's pining for him because he's fixated on the girl who's every boy's fantasy is a familiar
trope that many will remember from the john hughes classic some kind of wonderful. amber, played by
halston sage, is an appealing character. an sweet natured overachiever, and she's certainly
attractive, but lynn is just too good looking to make her getting overlooked seem credible. the
brunette with haunting green/amber eyes is reminiscent of a teenage jennifer connolly. the storyline
is premised upon the boy being shallow, but it's precisely the shallowness of teenage boys which
makes the story hard to believe. there's some attempt to justify this by making her a comparatively
poor kid in a school full of rich kids and dressing her in black and grey with black nail polish,
but they'd have needed to go more 'ally sheedy' from breakfast club to sell that.
[#211930] Written by: Bubblesinc [18/03/14, 01:58]
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i on the other hand think its my pic of the season and far better than resurrection or believe...but thats
just my opinion....will be interested to see the opinions of others
[#211938] Written by: fatmarley [18/03/14, 08:52]
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utter boring crap...cliched is all i could think of watching it and the teaser for the rest of the season just
made it worst.
[#211951] Written by: ockraz [18/03/14, 14:49]
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Quote by quasipseudopizza0id
toy soldiers on a bus? samwise gamgee will save the day!

:d had to look that one up. apparently the 1991 film with astin was preceded by a similar sounding
1984 film with the same name. i wasn't familiar with either - although i did know the matika and
eminem songs fwiw
[#211976] Written by: bigdee63 [19/03/14, 12:43]
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amen!!! just crap is right....i just watched because gillian was in but that didn't help anyway.
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